Students Fill their Bellies at Elon’s Food Truck Frenzy

By Ana Gabriela García


Students Mackenzie Walsh, Hannah Dobrogsz and friends at today’s Food Truck Frenzy.

The Food Truck Frenzy event, sponsored by Elon Dining and the Student Union Board is back, and during this midterm week. The stressful environment on campus was assuaged by colorful food, music and fragrant smells.

The essentials to relieve stress were all present today at the Koury Lot, fried food, sugar, laughter, and friends.

The food trucks served a wide variety of foods from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. to Elon students and faculty.


Student gets Indian Food at Tara

By 11:30 students had swarmed the area. Hannah Dobrogosz, a sophomore, said it was her first time coming.

“It’s really good,” Dobrogosz said, taking a bite from her Arroz Con Pollo, ACP, ordered from the Mexican Grill Foodtruck.

“I’m gonna get a second ticket.” She said.

Among the many food trucks participating in the event was “Bam Pow Chow,” Mexican Grill, Pelican’s SnoBalls, Jam Soft Serve Ice Cream, Soon Soom Pita Pocket, Tazaa and Tootie’s.

Jake West, a former tour manager in the music business turned chef, took me behind the scenes to talk about his truck, “Dusty Donuts, Mini Donuts.”

Sebastian Vallejo, a junior at Elon, had a wide grin on his face as he ate his ACP. “It’s my multiple time,” he said referring to his countless trips to the trucks, “I don’t know how many times I’ve been here.”

When asked what he loved about his ACP, which his friend was also devouring, he said, “It’s easy to make, it’s delicious. Not so filling so that’s good. So I have enough space for other food.” he laughed.


Sebastian Vallejo eagerly eats his ACP.

Students were able to buy pre-purchased tickets or buy them on-site at the event using Elon Meal Dollars, Food Dollars, Phoenix Cash or regular cash or credit card. One ticket can be purchased for $6, three for $15 and five for $20.

Lakeside dining hall was closed during lunch because of the event. However, Colonnades and retail food locations remained open.

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