New Students prepare to uphold Elon University’s honorable legacy

By Ana Gabriela García

As fall gets closer, faculty members, student campus leaders, and incoming freshmen at Elon University prepare for one of Elon’s most important traditions, its ‘Call to Honor.

This year it will take place at 9:40 am, on September 14, inside Alumni Gym.

Call to Honor

Leo Lambert addresses new students in a previous Call to Honor Ceremony

The long-awaited ceremony will follow a yearly tradition in which campus leaders and faculty define the core principles of Elon’s Honor Code. All students are expected to uphold this code dutifully.

The code reaffirms Eon University’s legacy, and the school’s dedication to the intellectual, personal, spiritual growth of all it’s members.

Paul Miller, an assistant provost at Elon, said: “The Call to Honor Ceremony is very important to our community because it reaffirms our commitment to a very important code of conduct and values that reside at the core of our campus community.”


“Honesty, integrity, responsibility and respect. These values are the bedrock on which our academic community rests.”

– Paul Miller

The ceremony will begin with an introduction from Leo Lambert, the president of Elon University. As always, Leo Lambert, along with the president of SGA and officers for senior, junior , sophomore and freshman classes sign their names on the Call to Honor Book. Evidencing this long-standing tradition, the Call to Honor Book has signatures that date back to 1936.

The even ends as new students receive an honor coin with the Elon Logo and sign posters printed with the university’s Honor Code.

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